About Us

The Friends of Beacon Dog Park is a 501/c3 not-for-profit organization that is incorporated in the state of NY. Its mission is to build and operate a community funded dog park in the city of Beacon.

Our Board

  • Dara Girsch (President)
  • Janette Murry (Vice President)
  • Yuki Schmitz  (Treasurer)
  • Elizabeth Cordeo (Secretary)
  • Libby Faison (At-Large)

Current Friends and Volunteers

  • Thomas J. Pantano
  • Bonnie Pagliaro
  • Jeff McHugh 
  • Gwenno James
  • David Majzlin
  • Audrey Majzlin
  • Libby Faison
  • Karen James
  • Eric James
  • Insun Kim
  • Steven Robinson
  • Cary Janks
  • Zenta Janks
  • Dominque Manpel
  • Aryeh Siegel
  • Irina Siegel
  • Tom Cerchiara
  • Christine & Joe Galbo
  • Alicia Stalker