Our Wonderful Supporters

This park would not be possible without the help and charitable contributions from the following people and businesses.

We thank all of them!

If your name or your business is not listed below and should be, please let us know - we do best our best, but oversights can happen.  If you recently donated, please give us several days, we try to keep this page up-to-date in a timely manner.

Also, many people haven chosen to make several donations over the two years of our campaign, we gladly will aggregate all of you donations into a single sum for purposes of the tiers below - please contact us if you fall into this category.

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* indicate a recent donation

Individuals & Families

Gold Patron ($1000+)

Karen & Ernie Gurina*
Ed & Betsy Benavente*
Doug Berlin*
Jeff McHugh*
April Zimmerman

Silver Patron ($500+)

Agnes Compagnone*
Sara Pasti*
John & Lyn Fischbach*
David & Audrey Majzlin*
Brian & Joan McHugh*

Platinum Patron ($250+)

Bonnie Pagliaro*
Linda Verona*
James Eve*
Jennifer Wenk*
Esperanza Deschesne
Karen & Eric James
Gwenno James
Libby Faison & Nanci Pate

Community Investor ($200+)

Kirsten Holt-Browning*
Jill and Jerome Majzlin*
Wynne Phillips*
David Collins*
Andrea Slocum & Greg Vidler*
Jerry Landisi*
Dorothy Burke*
Michael Gersh*
Bibi & David Milton*
Joe & Christine Galbo*
Stephen Robertson*
James & Gina Wiseman*
Matt & Emily Clifton*
Kit Burke-Smith & Nate Smith
Holly Cusick

Community Investor ($100+)

Kelly Ellenwood*
Liz Sunners*
Liam Goodman*
Cassie Lantz*
Keith & Linda Page*
Anna B. Marcus*
Leigh Baumann*
Laura Roan*
Insun Kim*
Samantha Smith & Brian Donovan*
Penny Hahn*
Erin & John Giunta*
Mark Wildonger*
Jason Ward*
James Smith*
Dr. Tamara McArdle*
Rosemary Patterson*
Curtis & Amparo Rally*
Carol & Leonard Majzlin*
Randolph Birch
Nathan Smith
Carl Grosso	
Jennifer & Neftaliz Velez
Kent Stimson
Jim Wiltfong
Tracy Murphy
Barbara Fisher
Bruno Gordon
Kathryn Janus

Generous Supporter ($50+)

Vibeke Saugestad*
George Mansfield*
Tom Johansen*
Cathy & Eli Harary*
Berisha Brothers
Diana & Edward Norris
Timothy Maddock
Jean Huang
Karen James
Mary & Chester Edwards
John Forman
Sarah Terrell
Lisa Verona
Debra Golden
Marc & Jennifer Hetling
Scott Strattner
Beth DiMilig
Karl Muchow
Marie Rega
Jay Palefsky

Local Businesses

Business Special Patron ($5000+)

Middlehope Veterinary Hospital

Business Special Patron (In-Kind, $1,000+)

Hudson Land Design
Aryeh Siegel Architect
TEC Land Surveying PC
General Idea
Dominique Manpel (Legal)
Joseph's Construction
DeCar Fence

Business Gold Sponsor ($250+)

Animal Hospital of Cold Spring
Plum Point Dental
The Hop Beacon
Jon-Carr Reality
Fisch Internet Solutions
Levy Properties
Goodness Graphic Design Studio*
Orange Pediatric Care P.C.*
Pleasant Ridge II Restaurant*
Key Food (Beacon)*

Notable contribtions have also been made by

Cumulus Media
St. Rocco Society
M & T Bank (Beacon)