Membership: Step 1 - Dog License

All dogs must have a valid license within their local (home) municipality. For most members, this means that your dog must be licensed in the city of Beacon since that is where most members reside.

Membership is also open to everyone who meets membership requirements - you do not have to live in Beacon. In such cases, your dog must be licensed in your respective municipalities - no exceptions.

Dog License

The Beacon Dog Park is not a city run dog park, it is built and operated by a volunteer organization (501/c3) called Friends of Beacon Dog Park Inc, as such it can can not provide any assistance with licensing your dog - it must be done at a town or city hall.

Here are some helpful links about getting a valid license in your particular town:

  • Beacon dog licensing -
  • For Beacon residents (it's probably the same for every town), you must present proof of current rabies vaccination - this is usually obtained from a veterinarian. Please note, Beacon will not give you a license unless you provide this rabies vaccination certificate!