Ed Cigna (President), and his wife, Cathy, joined the park in the Spring of 2017. They were awed by the fun their pups Sammy and Mollee had, as well as the friends they made at the park. Ed joined the Board in January, 2018, and served as Secretary.  In December, he was elected President for 2019, and looks forward to continuing park improvements, but most of all, making new friends for himself, Cathy, and their dogs. 

Sammy and Mollee. Mollee volunteers at hospices and schools!

Gina Wiseman (Vice President), and her pup, Lexi, are inaugural members of the park since the founder, Jeff McHugh, and his dog Max, set up a donation jar at Pet N Play! Gina joined the Board in 2015 to ensure that all owners and their dogs enjoy their visit to the park. It’s your dog’s happy place, and she hopes that it’s your happy place too! 

Lexi has a brick dedicated to her that helped make the park a reality!

Lauren Wackell (Treasurer) joined Friends of Beacon Dog Park during the summer of 2018. Since then, she has visited the park every day with her dog, Bee. She joined the Board in hopes that she could help all dogs and their owners have a fun and safe visit to the park. 

Lauren and Bee contemplating important dog park business!

Hannah Miller (Facility) joined the park in the spring of 2018 with her dog, Andy. It quickly became his favorite place, and she joined the Board to help all dogs and humans have the best experience possible at the park!

Hannah and Andy

Lauren Mercincavage (Newsletter) joined the Beacon Dog Park in the summer of 2018. She and her pup, Piper, visit the park every day (sometimes twice!). She joined the Board to become more involved in the Beacon community and to ensure that the park continues to be a happy, fun place to visit!

Piper cooling down at the park.

Tena Cohen (Secretary) moved to Beacon in 2017 because she saw a beautiful dog park on the hill of the Municipal Park! A year later, she’s thrilled to serve the community at her favorite place in Beacon!

Bailey and Leona on a straw run for the park!