Agreement Signed – another milestone reached!

The Friends of Beacon Dog Park, Inc. and the City of Beacon have officially entered into a legal agreement that governs our roles and responsibilities while we operate the dog park on city property.

We thank everyone for their input, legal advise and overall effort with making this happen. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the city of Beacon.

End of Summer Update

I’m proud to report that it’s been a great summer for our future dog park:

  • A $5,000 donation pledge from Middle Hope Vet. has been provided to us (we are so very appreciative of them!)
  • Our July BEAHIVE Barks fundraiser was a howl and we raised over $1,000!
  • We were awarded our 501/c3 tax-deductible status which also enables us to apply for grants.
  • All our combined donations and pledges have now brought us to 25% of our fund-raising goal! 
  • Both our email list and Facebook page continues to grow with excited and enthusiastic area residents
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Thanks for all those who attended BEAHIVE Barks

On Saturday evening, July 9th, a fantastic crowd showed up to our first fund-raising event: BEAHIVE Barks

.Everyone had fun, shared in delicious food/drink and some people even won excellent raffle prizes donated by area businesses.

We raised over just under $1000 and met lots of new supporters. 

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Final approval for agreement to be signed

Another milestone reached!

Last Tuesday night, July 5th, the Beacon City council voted unanimously for Mayor Gold to sign the agreement with the Friends of Beacon Dog Park, Inc. The agreement outline the terms and the conditions upon which the dog park will operate. Among many things, it mandates that we carry liability insurance, that violent, dangerous, or otherwise anti-social dogs will be prohibited from using the park, and that the community of dog owners as a whole behave in a proper way while using the dog park (e.g. clean up after their own dogs, leash their dog when not within the park enclosures, treat the park kindly, etc).

No further votes are needed and we are now free to build and operate our dog park at the Memorial Park location under the terms of the agreement.

We thank the City Council of Beacon and Mayor for all their input and help with making this park a reality.

Beacon Barks!

We had an excellent day at Beacon Barks! An estimated 4,000 people (and their dogs) showed up.There was lots of excitement around our Friends of Beacon Dog Park table and with the help of Middle Hope Vet we raised nearly $500.00 at our very first fund-raiser!

Thank you to everyone who helped and make the day a great success.

Beacon’s City Council passes resolution approving location

The City Council of Beacon has passed a resolution allowing our plans to proceed to next stage. Pending a final approval from the city, the Dog Park is to be located in Memorial Park on the site of the “old barracks” with the exact boundary to be determined with our final design plans. This is a fantastic milestone and we thank the City Council for their approval and support throughout this process.

Formation of non-profit organization: The Friends of Beacon Dog Park

The following are several other milestone which we are proud to report:

  • A non-profit has been incorporated in New York called, The Friends of Beacon Dog Park. It will function as the primary organization responsible for developing, managing, and overseeing the operations of the park.
  • A board of directors has been identified and all the legal compliance is being taken care of by generous support from Dominque Manpel.
  • A partnership with the Beacon Community Fund has been formalized and it will continue to serve as the umbrella sponsor for this project during the development phase.