Proposal Submitted to Beacon City Council

On Tuesday Sept 7th, 2010 at the regular City Council meeting, Jeff McHugh submitted the Friends of the Beacon Dog Park proposal. This proposal was developed over the last few months and was based on discussions & feedback with various members of the Beacon City Council, our committee heads, and area dog park representatives in the surrounding towns and counties.A PDF version has been posted.

The proposal makes the following key points:

  • Friends of the Beacon Dog Park will be 100% member/volunteer supported. It does not ask the city in to incur any cost for development and/or ongoing maintenance. No cost to tax payers!
  • A dog park is a very valuable recreational service to city residents – similar to basketball courts, soccer fields and playgrounds.
  • The dog park will draw from Beacon’s large community of artisans to help shape the design aesthetics making it a “one of a kind” attraction (e.g. landscape, sculpture etc.).
  • The dog park will bring commerce to Beacon’s shops, restaurants and cafes both from both local residents as well as people from neighboring towns.
  • The recommended location for this dog park is within Beacon Memorial Park. Based on feedback and data collected over the past several months, this location was selected due to the many factors that make a dog park a success: proper drainage, safety, exposure to sun/shade, ease of access and relationships to other recreational amenities.