Proceeding with our plan to open

Over the past six weeks, we have all enthusiastically watched the park materialize before our eyes. I am delighted to report that the main construction of the park is now complete! 

We are now moving forward with a plan to open the park as soon as possible – our target opening date is early February.

  • All of our Phase 1 goals were accomplished and include: two separated enclosures (for large and small dogs), key’d entry gate, and working water hydrants!
  • Over the next 6 to 8 weeks the following will be purchased & installed: donor appreciation plaques, signage, information boards, brick garden, trash cans, benches etc.
  • Membership to the park will be open to everyone within Beaconand the surrounding towns provided your dog is licensed in your home municipality, your dog is well behaved and properly socialized, you pay the annual fee of $45 per family (and $10 per additional dog)
  • Within the next few weeks, you will all receive an email about how to register for park membership.
  • We will be doing a last call for bricks very soon – so if you would like to have personalized brick, please visit our brick page.
  • There will be more emails arriving over the next few months, please be sure to read them all, as they will help make our park’s opening go smoothly.

Other important things to know:

  • We still need to raise funds during this interim stage because we have materials and equipment yet to be purchased and some additional expenses associated with construction.
  • If you have not donated yet, please do so today and be part of our ever growing list of supporters!
  • While our target opening date is early February, a harsh/cold winter might delay us slightly – don’t worry, we will be open before Spring arrives!
  • Our park can only prosper through care and commitment from all of us members – please remember this park is built and operated entirely through volunteer help, please show them and everyone courtesy and patience as we go though this next stage together.